We develop your

In order to get a pipeline with fresh perspectives you need to constantly attract, develop and retain talented graduates.

Graduates Development

Acquiring basic skills first

Today’s generation Y graduates make demands of their employer and are well informed about their market value. Graduate programmes are a significant investment of resources for a company. In order to succeed and stay, graduates need help with their transition from a stable environment e.g. University, to the ambiguity, politics and power that play a much more important role in a complex organisation. Graduates need first to acquire basic interpersonal skills around collaboration, teamwork and project work in order to survive and become effective in their organisation

Confrontation and Challenge

We have vast experience in developing highly experiential and challenging graduate programmes that help your graduates learn the rules of the corporate game: they are confronted and challenged emotionally though simulations, assignments and project work which allow them to gain new experiences, test new approaches and reflect on their personal behaviour.

Graduates encounter chaotic phases in the programme with a lack of structure or purpose, where they are unclear about what they are supposed to do. We support them in using this challenging experience as personal learning, showing them how to take action and move things forward.

Added Value of Graduates Programme

As the result of such a programme, your graduates will have a stronger understanding of and connection with your company. They will have acquired business and interpersonal skills, self-awareness and self-reflexivity during their learning journey.

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