We develop your

We enable your talents to develop their professional and interpersonal competencies, become more effective in achieving their goals and take over larger roles in your organisation

Talent Management

Identify & Develop

The identification and development of your future leaders is critical to your success. Many of your future leaders are already working in your company. But ‘high potentials’ tend to be the first people to leave the firm when they do not get the support and the assignments they are expecting.


We help you to challenge your talents, providing special assignments and experiences that allow them to increase their range of options, deal with demanding contexts and situations and become your next generation of leaders.

Learn about own Strengths & Weaknesses

In our experience, the more talents learn about their strengths and weaknesses, the more effective they become in the future. Therefore we observe your talents in action, collect rich data and provide specific behavioural feedback and tips on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to learn more about the Coaching offering of Antoine Kissenpfennig, please visit the KISSENPFENNIG COACH site www.kissenpfennig.ch