We develop

We help you to understand and deal with the dynamic in your group in order to become more effective as a team and deliver the expected business results.


Understanding the Dynamics

Even the most successful team leader struggles to identify why his or her team is not realising its full potential. We help you to recognise and address the underlying relationships and dynamics.

Building your Team

We start by defining criteria together with which you want to collaborate as a team. We analyse with you roles and responsibilities and address the 'elephant in the room', naming unpleasant feelings or emotions in a respectful manner. We provide transferable skills and learning for individuals, ending with a clear action plan.

Virtual Teamwork

Working virtually has become a real competitive advantage, as companies need both a synchronised global approach and to stay close to the local markets. Building effective virtual teams remains a real challenge and requires specific skills and procedures.

Clear communication, relationship and trust, systems and processes and reliable technology are critical for virtual teams to work together successfully. We offer you an experiential approach to virtual teamwork that takes place simultaneously at various locations with a minimum of technology.

In virtual simulation you learn to communicate effectively, build trust, deal with conflicts, cope with time zone differences and master the technology as a team.

Facilitation of Teams

We facilitate your team to develop or sharpen your shared vision and objectives, to have conversations about how you want to work together and help you to understand your patterns of behaviour.

We use your real business issues and experiment with new ways of working to improve your team effectiveness.

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