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Leaders today struggle with complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty in the rapidly changing business environment. This requires new capabilities and ways of developing leaders.

Leadership Development

Leadership Requirements

There is no long-term success without good leadership. Leadership is about implementing vision and strategies and achieving business results through people. But, as a leader, it can be a challenge to effectively attract, retain and motivate good people.

You do not have to be an extraordinary person in order to become a successful leader: Your leadership is determined by the day-to-day actions you take, e.g. how you care for your people, make decisions or communicate.

What we can offer

In our Leadership Development programmes we provide you with methods to reflect on what you do at work and to become more self-aware as a leader. We provide you with thinking spaces where you can step back and reflect on what is working and what is not in your daily practice. We invite you to look within yourself and discover why you act and respond as you do. You gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the people you work with.

Leadership situations are complex and it is not our aim to teach you what is right or wrong, but to provide you with the leadership models, tools and skills you need to become more effective.

Development of newly appointed leaders

We provide you with the foundation of people management skills and help you to match your own preferences with the leadership style and values of your organisation. You gain self-awareness and self-confidence in practicing and reflecting on your leadership action.

Development of senior leaders

We expose you to real leadership challenges where politics, power and ambiguity are part of the game. We prepare leadership dilemmas and paradoxes for you, which require not only good analysis of the socio-economic context but also improvisation and a strong emotional response.

Development of middle-level managers

We support you in further developing your own leadership style with an emphasis on authentic leadership. We provide you with methods and tools, opportunities to learn from peers and facilitate the dialogue between you and your senior management in order to better understand what is expected from you as a leader in your firm.

Leading virtually

Many line managers in global companies have direct reports based in different regions, countries and time zones. Working virtually has become critical for success. Virtual leadership is different from leading a team working face-to-face. Most leaders we encounter are poorly prepared for leading virtually. New leadership skills are required in a virtual environment to provide an adequate structure, build trustful relationships and communicate effectively in a multicultural team.

In virtual simulations you learn to cope with difficult situations, conflicts, and time zone differences, and to master technology.

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