Engaging With

We have a wide range of practice-oriented methods, useful tools and experiential skill training for you.

Interpersonal Skills

Success Factors

Success depends upon the quality of collaboration and communication, and upon winning people’s commitment, both face-to-face and virtually. Engaging and influencing others are critical skills for the success of leaders and employees in your company


We support you in building true relationships with others through genuine listening, empathy and staying connected with your conversation partner in the moment.

Conflict Management

In today’s working environments conflicts are inevitable. Different value systems or personality types combined with incompatible interests or breakdowns in communication easily lead to challenging conflicts. Conflicts can generate inefficiencies, lead to poor project execution and have a negative impact on customer loyalty or company reputation.

Our aspiration is to handle conflicts instead of avoiding them. We help you to better understand what is going on in the conflict and how you can deal with the emotions involved, such as frustration or anger. As conflict facilitator or mediator we help you to identify the current conflict level, if possible de-escalate the conflict, honour other perspectives and find acceptable solutions for all parties involved.

Presentation Skills

We support you in defining and delivering your congruent message, using your voice and body effectively and expressing your enthusiasm with passion and authenticity in order to persuade your audience.

Most senior management teams are tired of busy and unexciting PowerPoint presentations. We help you to generate compelling slides or visuals for success. Our approach is highly experiential and based on your practical cases and examples.

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