We build on

In partnership with you we design, develop and deliver high-impact learning experiences and solutions that address your company’s challenges.

Working in Alliance with You

Developing Solutions

Whether you are facing market challenges, new competitors, demanding customers, or have identified specific skill gaps in your workforce, we create innovative development solutions, e.g. in the form of experiential leadership development programmes, which are adjusted to your context and needs, and deliver results.

True Partnership

We work with you in a true partnership approach, combining our learning and development know-how with your business proximity. We work through in-house experts to create solutions that build on what already exists, work well in your company and are relevant for your learners.

Working Together

We have found the best results come from working closely together, from co- creating rather than imposing solutions. We aspire to establish a productive long-term partnership with you where we can develop openness, trust and a mutual sense of responsibility for what we do.

Using Role Models

The involvement of your senior leaders in development activities is critical for success. We invite your senior leaders to work with us where they can provide direction, act as role models or discuss with participants what the lived values in your company are.

If you would like to learn more about the Coaching offering of Antoine Kissenpfennig, please visit the KISSENPFENNIG COACH site www.kissenpfennig.ch