We make a

We are fully committed to adding tangible value to you and your organisation.

Your Business Benefit

• Engagement & Commitment

We develop employee engagement, inspiration, trust and commitment.

• Broader Contribution

We transform your managers into leaders and develop your talent. Both leaders and talents return to their jobs with the ability to contribute more broadly.

• Personal Learning

We deepen personal learning through immediate, practical application.

• Professional Network

We deepen personal relationships and create professional networks across your business.

• Significant Change

We develop self-awareness and authentic leadership for significant change.

• Teamwork & Collaboration

We develop your team and help your people to collaborate more effectively.

• Shared Understanding

We develop a shared understanding of your company's mission, vision, strategy and values.   

• Thinking Space

We provide the necessary thinking space for you as a leader or a learner to step out of your daily work, reflect and grow with others in the face of your main challenges.

• Efficiency & Productivity

We drive behavioural change and thereby improve your efficiency and productivity.

• Applicable Tools

We provide useful frameworks, models, concepts, tools and best practices that you can apply directly to your own business issues and cultural context.


If you would like to learn more about the Coaching offering of Antoine Kissenpfennig, please visit the KISSENPFENNIG COACH site www.kissenpfennig.ch