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Based on the Centre for Creative Leadership (www.CCL.org), our leading edge approach to sustained learning consists of three elements: Providing the learner with the appropriate level of Challenge, Feedback and Support.

Sustainable Learning Process

(A) Challenge:

We first ask you to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and help you to turn them into personal learning objectives. Based on your objectives you get exposed to real or fictitious challenges or strategic business issues. This learning experience allows you to experiment with new leadership skills and behaviours related to your objectives.

(B) Feedback:

After dealing with the business challenge, your peers and facilitator give you feedback about what they appreciated, or missed, in the acts of leadership they perceived while working with you. Through this insightful feedback session, you get to know yourself better and develop your personal leadership repertoire.

(C) Support:

At the end of this process we support you in reflecting on your behavioural patterns in challenging situations and developing a personal action plan or strategies for future transfer and application on the job.

Quality of Feedback

Providing good quality feedback is a fundamental skill to be learned and does not take place naturally. Effective feedback is descriptive and non-judgmental and allows you, as the receiver, to decide what to do with it.

Value of Feedback

Feedback allows you to identify your blind spots and, through this process, become more effective as a person or a leader. Especially challenging feedback can be a real gift when the personal relationship between the feedback provider and receiver is strong enough, and the feedback is not perceived as a personal threat or confrontation.

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