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We create interactive leadership simulations based on your company’s real challenges, which provide you with opportunities to improve your leadership.

Leadership Simulations


Our simulations run with an emphasis on people, they are not computer-based. The complex and interactive multi-media scenarios are so realistic, that you can experience strong emotions and get immersed in such a way that the borders between fiction and reality become unclear.


At the end of the simulation which usually last one or two days each participant gets a personal development plan with specific measures to put into action.


As a learner you are asked to respond to ambiguous leadership tasks, solve real business problems or deal with ethical dilemmas. As in business life, you will manage processes, lead people, take decisions, compete, collaborate, present and have to deliver results under intense time pressure. You get exposed to journalists, film crews and other stakeholders played by actors or senior managers from your company. In small teams or as individuals you constantly face the consequences of your decisions and leadership actions.


All these combined challenges provide you with numerous opportunities to practice and improve your leadership: during the simulations, as you display behaviour and leadership action, your performance is observed and reviewed in feedback and coaching sessions by our facilitators.


In order to address your specific business challenges and to link your strategic priorities to the simulation, we can design and develop scenarios in close collaboration with your in-house experts. Our ambition is to make the leadership simulation as relevant as possible to the learners.


We have a broad collection of simulations and scenarios which we have run successfully in the past and which can easily be used or adapted to your business needs and culture.

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